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Introduce Venge.io

Some descriptions

Venge.io will put you in an endless gunfight. In this game, you need to pick up the guns and go destroy other opponents. Are you ready for this?

If you love shooting games then this is a great choice for you. You will have to participate in a dramatic gunfight and must destroy other opponents on the map. This game requires you to have flexible hand movements and quick reflexes because your opponents can appear anywhere on the map. It is the surprise in each game that is what makes the drama of this game. What are you waiting for without joining this game and immersing yourself in the never-ending gunfights?

Write your name on the leaderboard

This game has a leaderboard that will honor the players with the highest score in each match. This leaderboard will be divided into daily, weekly, global, popular, and clan. The player's achievements will be aggregated and the players with the highest results will be displayed. The parameters that appear in this table are the number of kills, death, KDR, and score. In, the most important parameter is skill, this is the main statistic to put you on the leaderboard.

Participate in the dramatic battle

Pick up a weapon and kill your opponent

You will not be equipped with a gun when participating in this battle. When you are brought into the battle, you must quickly find the gun to be able to destroy other opponents. When you first enter this battle, you are still quite weak, so hide from other opponents. Once you've found the right weapon for you, it's time to counterattack. Even if you have a weapon, hiding is still important, so you have to find an easy craft. Use all your abilities and become the ultimate winner in this game.

To control your character, you use the WASD keys to move on the map, and click Spacebar to jump. You click E for melee attack and use the R key to reload.

Choose the map and fight

Currently, this game has five official maps which are Sierra, Tundra, Mistle, Temple, and Sandstormblitz. Here, Sierre is a map with many layouts, suitable for hiding and sniping actions. Tundra gives you a gun when entering the match, but you will not be selected. The guns you are given are completely random. Mistle is the largest map in the Venge.io game, it is suitable for duels. Create your own shooting team and sweep all the other players on this map. The mission in the Temple map is quite special, you need to collect coins and put them in the bank. So this map is famous for its chases. Finally, there is the Sandstormblitz map, where you can fly and use the snipper.

Moreover, you can also choose your favorite character in the store. Lilium is the default character when you play this game. The other characters are Shin, Echo, and Kulu. Each character will have a unique characteristic, let's play and discover these characters' abilities.