Impossible Car Stunt

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About Impossible Car Stunt

Take on the challenge of traveling on dangerous roads in Impossible Car Stunt. You will be brought into the game there, you have to enter the entrance on the road. Avoid moving quickly into obstacles or flying out of lane.

A car driving war made in the air. You are responsible for following the path outlined for you. Move in the right lane. Move slowly into the bend, move to avoid the obstacles. Do not be subjective when deliberately crashing into obstacles because if you do, your car will be damaged. Move the car in the direction of the arrow and collect features that help you. Sometimes, you need to move fast because you have to fly over to get to another lane. The sign to know you need to accelerate is to observe the lane difference, display the arrow going forward, now press the accelerator and accelerate. Move, avoid the obstacles and go to the destination.

Summarizing the distance and time you complete a level will know the amount for you. The less time it takes, the more money you get.

Daily rewards

Attend 7 days to receive diamonds. Every day log in, don't forget to take attendance to receive rewards. Please check in regularly because the number of rewards will be higher and higher.

Car garage

4 vehicles with different features need you to unlock. The money you earn, use it to exchange for a new car with more advanced features. In addition, you can use the money to upgrade features to help you move smoother and faster.


There are 6 different levels corresponding to different terrains, obstacles and bends and jumps. Focus on keeping your car in the right lane and avoiding collisions.

How to move

Use the arrow keys to move the car