Mad Mad Unicorn

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About Mad Mad Unicorn

Mad Mad Unicorn is a game about an aggressive, bloodthirsty flying unicorn returning to his place. Throw up birds that are in the way and avoid man-made bombs.

The plot of the game

The unicorn image is a rare image that has never been seen by human eyes. For a long time, people have only heard about the image of the unicorn, but have never met it. Accidentally one day, humans discovered the unicorn and kept it in a cage. The resentment in the prison makes the image of a beautiful, proud unicorn now turn into a fierce, bloodthirsty unicorn. He finally got out of hell and flew to heaven. But what human would spare the unicorn? They used bombs and shot into the sky with the hope that the unicorn would die.

Specifically in the game

Starting the game, this aggressive unicorn needs to fly to the sky, enjoy the open space after a period of detention. At this time, he is very aggressive, irritable and sees everything very uncomfortable. Let's knock up the birds that are in the way of his flying. The birds that are knocked up will be added to the total number of points that you earn.

At the same time, stay away from the atomic bombs coming towards you. If you accidentally hit them, you will be blown away. And along the way, you will come across a yellow carrot. When you eat it, you will receive a magical power, faster flight speed, knocking up obstacles in your way. And it only expires when you hit the bomb and you will return to the original state.

The game has no end, so try to knock up as many birds as possible for your score. And note, the title must bomb.

How to move

Click to move the aggressive unicorn