Snake Worm

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Snake Worm is a mind game that helps the worm eat apples to increase in size and complete the challenge by going to the gate. Eating an apple and finding a way to reach the finish line is not simple the more you do the challenge.

Characteristics of Snake Worm

Eat apples to increase size

In each level, there is only one apple displayed on the screen. You cannot skip eating the apple because it will help the worm grow a bit longer. And if you don't eat apples, you won't be able to reach the finish line completely. In the early levels, you feel that collecting apples is very simple, but it will no longer be that simple as you progress through the higher levels. Eating apples becomes more difficult than finding your way to the finish line. Use all your mental abilities to be able to eat the apple without falling off the screen.

Reach your destination safely

To reach the finish line safely and complete the challenge, you need to move the worm to a circular vortex on the other side of the road. The worm can only move on the surface, so if it goes too far from the surface, it will fall off the screen. A surface is standing suspended in the air, walk on it and reach the finish line safely.

Snake Worm's attraction

This is a gentle intellectual game. If you think this is an easy game, you might be wrong. In this game there are many different challenges and the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. Many players have really underestimated its difficulty, but it won't be difficult if you know how to move.