Alpha Guns

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About Alpha Guns

Join the heroes to destroy the bad guys' lair in Alpha Guns. Successful execution of missions. Use dog-tags earned to unlock new characters and new items.

At the beginning of the game, the character Max with the weapon Pistol Gun attacks the territory of the bad guys. Your task is to destroy all the bad guys in their lair. Use the gun to kill the bad guy, move to avoid the enemy bullets above you. If you are accidentally shot, you will have 6 lives to recover. Quickly destroy them by all means and do it in the shortest time. Win the match, you will receive dog-tags. Done in the shortest time, using the least network will get more dog-tags.

Use the dog-tags to unlock mission delta, characters and items

Use the dog-tags you earn to unlock mission delta. The main mission is the next task that you need to perform. Earn dog-tags to unlock new characters, new guns, weapon upgrades and other gadgets. Ask your partners to perform difficult missions.

You can use 3 different weapons before starting a mission and choose characters with their own characteristics. But the most important thing is to need dog-tags to unlock characters and items.

How to control

Use the mouse to click on the keys displayed on the screen.