Stickman Thief Puzzle

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Use your extended hand to perform indecent acts in Stickman Thief Puzzle. Grab your stretchy arm but don't let anyone find out you're not doing it right.

Performing bad deeds with extended arms

The stickman has a long, stretchable arm to perform bad deeds. Do not imitate the game, perform similar behaviors in real life. Use your hand to grab valuables quickly so that no one will notice. When someone is standing next to you, secretly do bad things behind their back. Don't let them find out you're acting shady or you'll lose. Using items can help you in bad behavior, that's why they don't appear by accident.

Levels of Stickman Thief Puzzle game

Twenty five levels make up the entire game. Show your intelligence to control the damaged hand and not be detected by anyone. Pranking people makes them mad, screaming, embarrassed but themselves more fun. They find out you're playing a prank on them, they're not good at all. Perform operations like stealing money from the ground that is not yours, stealing girls' clothes while they are bathing in the river, turning on the faucets of people bathing so that they don't have water to rinse off soap, ect.