Poor Bunny

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About Poor Bunny

Poor Bunny is an arcade game with cute rabbit character. The main character is a white rabbit, it needs to collect carrots and avoid obstacles that hinder its mission.

The cute white bunny needs to perform the task of collecting carrots. You will help him complete this job. Starting the game, you will be in a space with grass steps for you to stand on. Carrots will be in any location and you need to move to that location to collect them.


Collecting carrots will not be so simple. The obstacles in the frame will be around and you need to avoid them. The obstacles you will encounter such as bows and arrows falling from above, the saw moving around the frame; super big ball hanging, moving to the sides; ect. There will be a sign warning you when obstacles are about to appear, stay away from them immediately.


1 player mode

Collect more carrots and avoid the obstacles. Survive as long as possible.

2 player mode

You can invite your friends to play with you in 2 player mode. You will compete against each other in collecting carrots. The game ends when both are hit by an obstacle. The game will be fun when there are many people to play with.

AI game mode

You can also play against AI opponents. You will be the white rabbit and try to collect as many carrots and avoid obstacles. Your opponent will easily outrun you if you don't catch him quickly and the game is over when you die.

Character Unlock

Collect as many carrots. Especially the yellow carrots, collect them with 3 normal carrots. Be quick as it only shows up for a while. If you can't collect it, it's a pity. Collecting carrots makes you have the ability to unlock countless rabbits with different skins. There are more than 100 adorable bunnies waiting for you to unlock.

How to move

Player 1 moves with WASD

Player 2 moves with the arrow keys