Temple Run 2

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About Temple Run 2

In Temple Run 2, escapes with the hero from the monster guarding the green jewel in the temple. Don't let the monsters catch you, cross the obstacles that hinder you.

The plot of the game

An ancient civilization built this ghostly temple. Before that, a demonic disease killed everyone in the village, except for one survivor. He created a cure against the disease but did not know that its effect was to turn him into a beast. The civilization built a temple for their supreme god and in that temple there was a blue jewel. The people here believe that the green pearl that surrounds them is the supreme gods protecting them. However, the epidemic came and the temple was abandoned from there. After so many years passed, the natural green pearl was glowing and it was spread to many places and the exaggeration of the people caused treasure hunters to find and collect it. The battle between treasure hunters becomes more fierce as more and more people know about the legend of the green pearl. However, they still couldn't escape the temple's warden, the beast that was guarding the temple. And you are also one of the surviving treasure hunters. Can you get the green gem and successfully escape from the monster?

Enter the journey to escape the beast

Go on a run from the beast guarding the temple. You come out of the temple and need to run forward and distract so that the monster can't chase you. But the run is not so simple. Thousands of obstacles are preventing you from escaping. Avoid these obstacles smoothly without tripping over them because the monster is always behind you, you just need to be one step slow, it can grab you and kill you incompletely. The obstacles you can see like forest, river, zip line, mine, narrow bridge, aqueduct, ect. Don't forget to collect gold coins as well, it will help you on some things.

How to control

You need to break through the obstacles that stand in your way when you are trying to escape from the pursuit of the monsters guarding the temple. Use arrow keys to move and collect gold coins.

Possibilities to note

Shield Duration: The ability to protect yourself if you accidentally fall into obstacles. This ability keeps you from being affected by fire, mines, narrow bridges, ect. It has no effect if you fall off the track. Grass road that you need to set foot to go through. Upgrade this function to protect yourself from obstacles.

Coin Magnet: Increases the ability to automatically suck gold coins during the run. You can't always collect all the gold coins, this ability helps you automatically suck all the gold coins around your path. The higher this ability upgrade, the more time it takes to collect money and sucks at a longer radius.

Boost Distance: Your ability to run increases to lightning speed and completes longer distances, which helps you complete the distance challenge and stay away from monsters that can't keep up with you.