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Badland is a game that stimulates your curiosity to the extreme. When you try this game, you will experience exploring a devastated land without life.

What is your definition of badland? From time immemorial, there have been many mysterious lands all over the world. Some destinations have been explored while others have yet to be. One of those mysterious lands is the badland. Initially, this place had no name. However, thanks to special events when discovered, this land was named. A name that, just saying, people will immediately think of the worst things when talking about this land!

On the main screen, you can observe a lot of different elements of the game. Each factor is an integral part of making this online game more exciting and engaging. With the goal of helping you understand the game, some important content such as Game Badland and Badland Gameplay will present necessary information you need to know before going on this journey. The first part you can visit is game badland!

Game Badland

Game Badland has a unique feature that any other online game doesn't have. Experiences when playing this running game will give you a good memory of the theme, design, controls, and obstacles. Each element is carefully refined before the game is released.

When you come to this game, you can see the contrast between the hope of life and the fierce despair of the present. These two elements are clearly shown through the background of the game. In the distance, you can see the image of a forest with bright lights where there are peaceful creatures and lush trees. In front of you, however, there is the barren land and shabby objects. Why does this contrast happen? What purpose did the developers have in creating this contrast? Let's learn the truth about Badland together!

The Truth About Badland

The truth about the badland is hidden in every character, thing, and event in this adventure game. First, it is impossible without mentioning clones, the game's main protagonist. The beginning is the journey of clones. So, where are clones going and why do clones have to go and face so many dangers? The answer will be given here very quickly!

Previously, badland was inherently a beautiful land with abundant life and peaceful habitat for clones. The clones live in harmony with each other and always protect their environment. However, something terrible happened. A quake appeared, followed by the collapse and destruction of nature and the houses of clones. Home no longer causes clones to be scattered everywhere. They can no longer live normal and happy lives like before.

Although bad things happen unexpectedly and destroy all the clones' efforts to build so far, the clones still don't give up hope. Clones hope for the existence of other beautiful lands. Life and peace await them ahead. That's why the clone decided to start his journey to find a promised land. In his travels, clones always receive help and companionship from other fellows. It's such a precious feeling in a difficult situation like now.

Truth and hope go hand in hand. However, it is not all. That contrast also appears in the image of the clone, the main character of Badland.

Clone With Loneliness And Courage

Clone with loneliness and courage is the first impression of this character. First, let's talk about the loneliness of the clone. Clone always begins his journey alone. The beginning of each stage is the image of the clone waking up and starting a new day and journey. Even though the clone has a lot of companions on the previous level, the clone will still be alone the next day. The more clones help you the day before, the more lonely the next day will be.

Next, Clone wakes up in different places but has one thing in common. Everything around is still in Badland with still darkness, decaying things, and brokenness everywhere. Surely, clones must be very brave to continue their journeys every day. For more clone motivation, go with him. Clone needs your help to conquer challenges and dangers. How to support clones? Let's start by learning the key elements of this game before hitting the tracks!

The Important Elements

The important elements appear on the home screen. What you see is what you need to know. This Badland game is rated as a game without too many extra functions and features. However, each element that forms the game has its own distinctive imprint.

Singleplayer And Options

Singleplayer and options are two big words on the left of the screen. They express for 2 buttons with the same name. By clicking on each button, you can use the function of these two buttons.

First, the Singleplayer button is similar to the Play button of other online games. However, it has been renamed and clearly shows a characteristic of the game: Single-player mechanics. When you click here, you can see maps, modes, and game experiences. Because it is an important feature of the game, there will be a separate section to learn about the details of this Singleplayer button. The goal here is just to capture its main use.

Second, in terms of the Options button, the Badland game gives you 5 main options: Sounds, Statistics, Achievements, Language, and Credits.

  • Sound adjustment is a first necessity for a better experience with the game. If you have ever played this running game or just need access to the home screen, you can hear the wonderful sound of the Badland game. A sound of nature with birdsong and flowing streams. However, they seemed to be echoing in the distance. Everything seems so clear, yet it's vague. Such a wonderful magic sound needs you to adjust the listening level in Options.
  • Next, Statistics is the game's statistics table of its races. With each of your experiences, there are statistics and summaries in statistics. Some of the highlights are level survived, missions completed, clones saved, clones lost, and levels survived skipping.
  • Achievements are up to 79 different achievements for you to conquer. There are obvious achievements like Second Date. Dreams Come True, and Joint Task Force. However, there are also hidden achievements. You can only discover them when you reach the corresponding levels. With such a large number of achievements, can you complete them all?
  • The amount of Language will also make you satisfied. With 12 different languages, you can choose the most familiar language to capture the game clearly. The most common language in badland games is English.
  • Finally, Credits give you the developers, designers, and members who have been involved in building this great game. Please take a few seconds to learn and thank Frogmind, the developer of Badland.

Statistics of Your Success in Badland

Statistics of your successes in Badland are displayed clearly and easily at the bottom of the main screen. These parameters are the second most crucial factor after Singleplayer. You can see 4 words and 4 numbers.

  • Clones and the number above represent the number of clones you have saved and accompanied on past journeys. The number of clones only increases as you collect new clones.
  • 300 Missions is an impressive number with the symbol of an egg. Let's see how many of these 300 tasks you can complete.
  • Let's mention Achievements again in this section. The familiar 79 number will still appear. In front of it, there is the number of achievements you have achieved.
  • Level 100 is not an easy level to conquer because it is the last level and also the hardest level of the game. With 100 different levels, badland is always confident with its diversity of challenges.

Here, you can get all the relevant parameters about this adventure game. Understanding them will help you identify your goals and the prizes you can win. As a result, you can clearly define your direction in the future. Next, you can come to the final part of this introduction, Badland Gameplay where a more detailed understanding of the Singleplayer button. Click on it and start right away!

Badland Gameplay

Badland gameplay is an important part where it gives you the necessary information to join and conquer this clone game. This section will answer questions like what you do in Badland, how to conquer Badland, and what is special in this game. All will be gradually answered. Therefore, don't hesitate to read!

Main Game And Extra

Main game and extra are two main parts of this badland game. It's similar to two game modes. Accessing different sections will bring different experiences.

The main game consists of 2 days: Day I and Day II. Both days have 40 levels and 120 missions. Besides, the number of clones can change since it depends on your ability to collect. You need to conquer Day I before proceeding to Day II. In each day, what do you have? Each day, you will see different levels. You have to play each level sequentially from level 1 to level 40. There are no exceptions.

In addition, each level allows you to get the highest 3 eggs. Do you remember? Eggs represent the number of missions you have won. You can win 3 eggs, 2 eggs, or 1 egg depending on how many times you participate to complete that level. You win 3 eggs if you only use it once to complete the level. 2 times participating will give you 2 winnings. 1 egg is for those who complete the level of badland 3 times or more.

Extras is a continuation of the main game where you continue to participate in 2 new scenes: Daydream and Doomsday. Each part will have 10 levels and 30 missions. Like Main Game, Extras have similar elements to eggs and joining times.

How To Conquer Badland

How to conquer Badland is a question that many players care about because it is the main goal. In order to finish the game, you need to control the main clone through all the challenges and reach the exit to a new level of land. This exit is a black pipe with huge suction. Because of this suction force, it will suck you from the end of the previous level and throw you back to the starting point of the next level.

How to control a clone

Clone has a unique ability to fly. With its short wings, the clone can fly up and fly down depending on its control power. To adjust the clone's flight, you just need to CLICK YOUR MOUSE to let your character fly high. If you want to fly low, you just need to RELEASE your mouse.

With this ability to fly, you can collide with a lot of objects around. In particular, the structure and terrain in Badland are not simple. Faulty terrains are caused by earthquakes with crevices or high mountains. Besides, these terrains are very shabby so objects and dangers can suddenly fall from any place.

To withstand these challenges, clones have superior tenacity and defense as the clone can keep moving even when it collides with obstacles. However, you must make sure that these obstacles will not cause you to fall back and leave the playing screen. If this happens, you need to replay the level. Besides, there are more boosters and support modes for clones.

Boosters And Support Modes

There are two types of energy spheres with an orange center and a black outer cover. These two spheres are divided according to their size. In terms of the large sphere, your clones will instantly size up while the small sphere will shrink you. Shrinking will have more advantages because it helps clones move more easily.

In addition, during the move, don't forget to collect more clones for more chances to win. Free clones are available on the whole map. As you go into the settings in each level, you can turn checkpoints on or off to aid your badland play.