Lazy Jumper

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About Lazy Jumper game

The arcade game Lazy Jumper is enjoyable. You will control the character who is resting on a lazy lounge chair that has to move to break objects and go to the pool.

A big fat guy is lying in the sun on his vacation. He doesn't want to do anything and just wants to stay on the couch and hang out like that. But that summer, he can't help but go down to the pool to be both cool and feel a complete summer. Wake him up and drag him to the pool.

Take the lazy guy from the couch to the pool

Just click can pull him up and move. While moving to the lake, some objects got in the way. You just drag him to smash those piled up things in one note. Things you can smash like stack of tires, stack of planks, stack of watermelons, ect. Let's smash them with just 1 move so that the stacks are all crushed without any objects left. Keep doing this until you move to the pool and select the swim float. There are 3 swim floats corresponding to the level you need: Multiply 2 points, multiply 3 points and multiply 5 points.

Buy at the shop

Collect stars from smashing stacks of objects and buying items in the store. There are a lot of things for you to choose from such as pants, shirts, glasses, hats. Choose the things you like and buy the products with the number of stars you have.

How to move

Click on the character to move