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About EvoWars.io

Join the arena between characters in EvoWars.io. Develop yourself to become a high-level character and become the person with the highest number of levels that makes other opponents wary.

You enter the arena with other characters. Entering the battle, you play as the character with the lowest level, Caveman. At this level, you don't have any ability to fight any opponents with a higher level than you. You can only eat rainbow colored orbs, focus on collecting orbs to make you upgrade to a higher level character. Eat a lot and eat big orbs to get you higher score.

One advantage of being a Caveman is speed. When you are smaller in size, your ability to escape from higher level opponents will be faster compared to your larger size and higher level. The larger the size, the slower the movement speed and there is no other option but to try to move to another area to destroy the opponents with lower level than you.


You have more than 7 minutes to complete the mission in the match. Try to eat bigger orbs when you are just small size and small level. When you feel like you're big enough, go around and slay opponents whose level is lower than you. This helps you level up significantly faster than if you just collect the orbs. Don't choose the safe method, take the courage to get out of the comfort zone and fight like a real warrior.


There are 36 characters corresponding to the game levels and mystery characters: Caveman, Viking, Warrior, Knight, Musketeer, Ninja, Pirate, Spartan, Samurai, Soldier, Hooligan, Cyborg, Red Monster, Alien, Thor, Archmage, Demon, Archangel, Medusa, Apache, Butcher, Cyclops, Minotaur, Dark Knight, Warlords, Dragon Slayer, ect.

A mysterious character is waiting for you to discover and unlock. This is the character that is considered the hardest to find and the number of people who achieve this character is not much. Will you be the next player to unlock this mysterious character?

How to control

Control your character to follow the arrow of the mouse to move around. Double-tap twice to use your sword to slash your opponent or prevent your opponent from sneaking up from behind.

Invite your friends

You can invite more of your friends to make the game more interesting. The more players the merrier. To play with multiple friends, send a code to the room so you can meet each other.

An odd room will include strange players that you may not know but that number is not much. Focus on playing and competing with your friends. There is nothing more fun in the battle than when more friends play with you. However, with this odd game, it only takes place over two minutes. Matches with friends so enjoy with your friends.


You can view the lists of players with the highest XP scores by Today, This Week, This Month and All Time. Will you put your name on the list of top players with high scores? This game makes you play many times and lose many times, but do not be discouraged, each point earned from the matches will be accumulated making it easy for you to earn XP through each turn.