Pengu Slide

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The description of Pengu Slide

Help the adorable penguin avoid a blizzard in Pengu Slide. The blizzard is behind you, quickly move him away from the storm, collect goldfish and pearls.

The adorable penguin is performing his gliding abilities on his own. He used the blizzard to do the challenge. Try to help the penguin not be caught by the blizzard. Click and hold the mouse to move the character. Along the way, collect goldfish and jade bottles. These two things also help you add points during your escape. Click and release the mouse to let the penguin make the jump. Jump as far from the storm as possible and move quickly to the finish line before the storm hits.

Do not let go because no matter how far you are from the storm, just a little carelessness, the storm will come and make you unable to get out and so on, it is easy to get caught in the storm. The sign that the storm is coming very close to you is the warning triangle. Quickly get out of it thanks to flight mode.

Set a record for the distance you have covered. The further you stay out of the storm, the farther you go. Quickly get to the first finish line and immediately make the next round. The run does not stop until you run out of power to escape from it.

How to play

Click and drag the mouse to control the penguin.