T-Rex Run 3D

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T-Rex Run 3D is a better pixelated and auto-transforming variation of the original Dino version. Help the T-rex dinosaur run in the desert without touching any cactus.

Original game Dino game

Dino game is a game published by Google when the user's network is not updated or displayed. At first this was just a solution to unexpected network outages that kept players at a loss for what to do and played it until the network was stable again. But the charisma of the game has attracted many players, and every time the network users do not know what to do, this is the best solution to kill time.

New version 3D design

Pixel graphics

With the original game designed by black and white drawings with simple lines, however, to improve the game to be richer and fresher, T-Rex Run 3D. This game recreates the gameplay like the original version, but the uniqueness of this game is to build a 3D scene that makes you feel like you are immersed in the game's character. The pixelated landscape design is a desert scene, with no stops and only cacti, skulls, and a few trees on the way.

Various scenes

Not only stopping the daytime scene with the wild desert, as you run further away, you will experience some new scenes that the original version did not have, which is the transition from day to night. This makes it difficult for you to see the cactus in the foreground because it is dark, now you need to keep your eyes close to the screen to see the position of the cactus if you do not want to fade and try again from the beginning.