Among Us - Impostor King Online

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Find the astronaut impostor with Among us characters in Among Us - Impostor King Online

Among Us - Impostor King Online is a popular game now available online. Dressed as an astronaut in the cabin, silently killing other astronauts without anyone noticing.

A group of astronauts are working together to find the impostor in the cabin. The game starts and everyone splits up to find. And you, can you become the impostor that the astronauts are looking for. You can't act like a beginner right from the start. Explore the cabins and go around them. When the time is right, get close to an astronaut that no one around can detect. Perform the killing action within ten seconds. And while the time is counting down, you must not let anyone find out and until that is done, the game is over and you are the winner.

A task completion check toolbar is at the top left of the screen. Take action when the level has reached 90%. This is the right time to kill because this is the time when the astronauts ignore the most. Hide in any compartment, wait for people to come and destroy.

A sophisticated impostor is hiding among innocent astronauts. Will you complete the challenge of being an impostor in this game?

How to play

Use arrows to move

Press the Kill button on the screen to kill the astronaut