Happy Glass

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About Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a game of intellectual manipulation by drawing. Draw the shortest line leading the drops into the glass so that they fills up to the red line.

A mind game with a line drawing a drop of water into the glass. The requirement to fill the glass is the red line and you need to lead enough or excess water drops into that glass. Draw the path of the water droplets from the faucet to the cup. Don't let the drops go if you don't want to have to play again.

Milestones to receive stars

Notice at the top of the screen is the scale of the long of lines you draw. The longer you draw, the fewer stars you get. There are two landmarks for your attention. The amount consumed above the red mark is to receive all 3 stars. The amount consumed between the red and green markers is 2 stars. Consumption below the green mark is 1 star. Try to get as many 3 stars as possible for the shortest line. The more intelligent the person, the less likely he is to have the fastest and shortest steps.


The game has a total of 30 levels. The levels have different contexts. Use the items in each level as a guide for the drops of water to enter the glass. Draw less and get more stars.

How to control

Use mouse and drag to draw the line.