Fast Food Universe

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About Fast Food Universe

Become a fast food restaurant owner in Fast Food Universe. Serving dishes that customers ordered. Upgrade more items and staff to assist you in serving.

You start your business with a fast food restaurant. Start with just a cashier, a dining table and a kitchen. Everything is simple, but fortunately your restaurant is known by many customers. You cannot serve alone with multiple locations. Use the money you earn to get you into some key positions like cashier.

Food is more diverse, customers also want to experience more dishes. At this point, you have to move back and forth from the kitchen to the customer. Each time, you can only get a maximum of three items in your hand. Make a lot of money to recruit more waiters and expand more tables for customers, your shop is more and more crowded. Customers come a lot but you and the waiter can't serve in time, increase the number of waiters and upgrade them to deliver more items and faster.

Once you've grown them all in the store, expand the takeout area. Manually deliver food from the pantry to customers until you hire more staff to do it for you.

How to play

Use the mouse and drag the mouse to direct the character to where you want it.