Onet Connect Classic

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About Onet Connect Classic

Find two similar shapes in Onet Connect Classic. Complete the level without a single image left before the time ends. Get random rewards like bonus points, hints, shuffle cards.

You are probably not too unfamiliar with the game genre connecting the same shapes, this game is the same. Search for pairs of similar shapes, make them disappear and leave no image on the screen. Play time is 5 minutes. Try to complete it and you will receive random rewards such as bonus points, hints, shuffle.

Each level has different play styles. The deck is drawn to the left, right, up and down. This type of play will be more difficult than normal play, you also need to take the right steps to limit the use of the shuffle feature. If you use up the shuffle feature, then the game is over.

You can also use the hint feature when you can't find a matching pair. But note, use this feature when necessary. Don't abuse it because rewards don't always give you the hint feature.

You can choose from three types of images: animals, food, and fruit. Choose the picture you like and start the game. Rounds played before the time ends will add bonus points. Set a reward point record for yourself. Enjoy this familiar game.

How to move

Use your mouse to click on two identical images.