City Dunk

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Specifically about the game City Dunk

Bring the winged basketball into the circles in City Dunk. Make as many puts of the winged basketball like the other balls need to be put in the basket.

An adorable winged basketball with flying wings is floating in the air. And the clouds are shaped like the circle of a basket. Bring the basketball into the circle of the cloud like the balls are put into the basket. And you have the task to help the ball do that.

You just need to click the ball to move to the hoop. Put it in the circles and you have added 1 point. Making the long jump into the basket will earn more points. After completing 1 jump into the ring, the hoop will immediately disappear and you have to do it completely, one after the other. If the ball moves too far and the ball does not enter the hoop, the game is over. Don't move so high or so low that touching the walls of the screen also stops the game. Collect all stars to increase your score. Make lots of shots to put the ball into the basket calmly. The game trains you to focus, calm.

With simple but not dull graphics, the lovely winged basketball is the heart of this game. Show your ability to throw the ball into the basket in this game now.

How to control

Click the ball to move forward and move towards the basket