Janissary Tower

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Destroy the fortresses with two Janissary characters in Janissary Tower. Try your best to win on your own tower. Defeat enemies with 3 different cannons.

Two Janissary characters are once again divided between winning and losing in the same battle. Use your cannon to attack the opponent's cannon. Whoever finishes the attack first wins. Do not hesitate to invite your friends to play together in this interesting game.

Game mode

Tutorial: synergy mode between two characters fighting the third enemy. This enemy drops weapons from the sky and tries to attack the two characters' fortresses. At this point, the two characters are no longer rivals but become allies against enemies outside. Proceed to collect wooden crates containing weapons and use them to fight enemies. The fight will end when both are completely exhausted.

Play: The never-ending battle between two Janissary characters. Invite more of your friends to fight with you. Reach your fortress and destroy your opponent's fortress. Whoever successfully shoots down the remaining Janissary's fortress, wins. There are 6 different levels corresponding to 6 different fortress scenes. Focus on breaking the opponent's fortress to win.

Editor: Build the fortress to your liking. Use barricades, stack them, place fortresses and prepare for battle.

How to control

Player 1 uses WASD

Player 2 uses the arrow keys