Bartender The Wedding

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About Bartender The Wedding

Become a female Bartender at her uncle's wedding in Bartender The Wedding. Combine multiple ingredients and blend them according to customer requirements.

Miguelita is going to her uncle's wedding. She calls her boyfriend to tell her she's going to be a bartender but he doesn't believe you can. Prove to him that you can be a real bartender.

Her boyfriend wants a White Cosmopolitan and you need the ingredients to make it. Use all the bottles on the shelf and complete it for her boyfriend. To make the White Cosmopolitan glass, you need to have the knowledge to mix the water on the shelf together. And if you don't know which bottles to use, click on Miguelita, a list of mysterious ingredients that need to be concocted on request. Use it and find bottles that look exactly like the mysterious ingredients. You will see some bottles that are similar to the mystery bottle but taste different, try different times until the mysterious bottles are secreted.

Collect expressions after Miguelita's boyfriend drinks the drinks you've made. Successfully completed, find the mysterious ingredients, you can try a different type of wine and the quest for the ingredients begins.

How to control

Take the bottles of your choice, press the Pour button to pour the ingredients into one cup. Shake them when you finish the ingredients together, decorate the glass and give it to the customer to taste.