Om Nom Connect

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About Om Nom Connect Classic

Some features

Don't be afraid to take on challenges in the Om Nom Connect Classic game. Here, you will have to match items of the same type and remove them from the map.

T think that you are no stranger to the character Om Nom of the famous game series Cut The Rope. Now, this character is back with exciting challenges in the game Om Nom Connect Classic. These are simple challenges where you have to find and match items of the same type. These items are cute Om Nom-themed items. You can encounter interesting monsters and can also encounter fruits like pears, apples, and so on. This mission is very simple, play and create great moments in this game.

The benefit of playing this game

This game requires you to find items of the same type and connect them together. This task is simple but it challenges your eyes. You have to be focused to find the same pair of items and delete all the items on the map. Finding and removing items in this game is also a problem, so when you solve this puzzle, you also indirectly practice problem-solving skills. Constantly having to solve puzzles will help stimulate your brain, making your brain work more efficiently. Moreover, items with colorful colors will help stimulate your creativity. From these images, you can create more interesting things at work. Finally, any game is created for entertainment purposes only. This game also has this purpose, it will help you relieve stress after a tiring working day. What are you waiting for without playing this wonderful game?

Play and create exciting moments in Om Nom Connect Classic

Rule of connecting the items

Items with different types have been shuffled around on the map. You need to use the mouse and connect these items together. To be able to join two items together, they must be of the same type and not be blocked by any other items. Note, you can only connect these items with a line that can be folded up to three times. When you clear all the items on the board, the game will automatically race you to a new level. In the new level, the items on the board will be able to move. For example, they can move to one or two poles of the board, making it difficult for you to connect items. This game will end when you have no more items to match. Sometimes you have trouble connecting items together, you can use some hints of the game's power-ups.

About power-ups

This game has two power-ups, which are magnifying glass and a shuffle. When there are no matching items on the screen, the game will suggest you use Shuffle. Shuffle is important because the game ends when you have no more pairs of items to clear. The magnifying glass will suggest you similar power-ups that are hidden. These items will be randomly given when you pass the level. Make good use of these power-ups to get the highest score possible.