Relic Runway

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Some features of Relic Runway

Open new adventure

Relic Runway is a breathtaking adventure in the woods. You will play as an archaeologist who is trying to run away from the monster and escape the forest.

Welcome to the exciting journey in the Relic Runway game, which is a dramatic game for lovers of exploration. When participating in this game, you will be playing the role of an archaeologist. This archaeologist is collecting specimens in the forest. Unfortunately, he angered the king of the jungle, so now he is being chased by a stoner. The archaeologist has to run as fast as possible to escape the stoner's pursuit. Therefore, your task in this game is to control the archaeologist to run as fast as possible and escape the pursuit of the stoner. This is a simple task but it requires you to have quick reflexes. Are you ready for this endless adventure?

The obstacles that you have to face

In this forest, there are countless traps and obstacles that prevent you from escaping the forest. These obstacle chapters will be divided into 2 categories: dynamic obstacles and static obstacles. Static obstacles are barriers, treasure chests, and so on. Dynamic obstacles are spinning wheels, snakes, and so on. No matter what obstacles you face, you still need to be careful.

How to escape from the forest

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. You use the up arrow key to jump. By doing this, you will collect coins from above and jump rope over cliffs and waterfalls. You click the left and right arrows to move left and right. You press the down arrow to slide and move through the cave. You should master these manipulations to be able to prolong the journey.

Collect the artifacts in the adventure

Use power-ups to go further

There are some power-ups that will make your journey more enjoyable. You can own these obstacles by buying or collecting them along the way.

  • The shield will help you destroy every monster in front of you. This means you won't have to fear any monsters on the trail (shields don't work when you face the cliffs and waterfalls).
  • The magnet will help you collect all the coins on the way.
  • The glove helps you multiply 2 fairy numbers that you collect on the way.

Collect artifacts and unlock new characters

This game has a lot of characters in the shop, but you can not use the money to unlock these characters. You need to collect the artifacts along the way and unlock the characters. Each character will require a unique type of artifact. Moreover, the process by which you collect artifacts is also completely random. You cannot choose the character you like until you have unlocked all the characters in the shop. As such, the only way to choose your favorite character is to play a lot and unlock all the characters in the bank. Unlock all the characters and create moments of entertainment in this game.