Bunny Land

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About Bunny Land

Help the bunny escape the deserted island in Bunny Land. The rabbit unfortunately washed up on an unspoiled island. Build the boat and get out of that island.

A shipwreck took place at sea and no one survived. Bunny, the bunny, wakes up to find himself on a deserted and simple island, with nothing but trees, berries and rocks. He was alone in the sea and in order not to starve to death on this uninhabited uninhabited island. Help the bunny build a boat and return to the mainland.

To move to another land, you need to build a bridge. And to make that bridge is not easy. Collect all that you can find on the ground you are standing on, like rocks, berries. There is a workbench next to the shipwreck, collect it and place it on the ground. See required materials for crafting axes, hammers, ropes, ect. Complete the materials and build them into a bridge. In the process of creating items, you will be able to lose strength, restore the power by collecting and eating berries.

In the process of returning to his home, the rabbit will have to perform many challenges to be able to return. You don't have to worry too much if you don't know what to do next. There will be instructions at the top of the screen telling you what to do next.

How to move

Use the mouse to move the rabbit to the position you want to go.