Angry Birds Rio

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About Angry Birds Rio

Join Angry Birds to rescue the birds in Rio de Janeiro in Angry Birds Rio. The most beautiful birds in the world are being held and prepared for an illegal business. Help them get back to nature, where they once belonged.

The combination of Angry Birds and Rio

The combination cannot be more unique between Angry Birds and Rio. These two names are derived from two famous movies of the same name and their combination couldn't be more interesting.

Angry Birds is on a journey to find eggs in his village. The uninvited arrival of the Pig Kingdom and their enthusiasm left the bird village defenseless. To show the friendly, welcoming village, the birds in the village had fun with this mischievous green pig. Only one person can see their true face, and that is Red. The main character of the story, is a person with an unpleasant personality and is not satisfied with everyone in the bird village. When he was demonstrating the arrival of the pig kingdom to the bird village with indecent intentions, but no one believed him. Until the village lost all its eggs along with the disappearance of the pig kingdom, they begged Red to help them get the eggs back. Once again, he gathers people with him to go to the pig kingdom to retrieve the eggs.

Rio is a film that introduces unique and beautiful birds for all to admire. And nature is the home of these beautiful birds, however, people have emerged greedy with the indecent behavior of catching these beautiful birds for illegal business. Although the rangers were very defensive, they could not fight the cunning of these businessmen. All the birds of nature have been kept in cages and are being transported to business places. The survival of these birds is alarming, affecting the ecology of the birds here.

And in the journey to find the eggs, Red and his friends accidentally saw the scene of captive birds. Help the caged birds get back to their nature.

Your duties

Drag the birds back as much as possible from the bird shooter to shoot the bird at the objects on the right side. Throw the birds into the cages or cardboard boxes to create momentum for the cages to fall and you have successfully freed. Free all the birds in the cage with less number of birds on the left or use all, as long as rescue all, not a single cage is left.

Characters accompanying Red

Chuck: a friend with lightning speed. Chuck also shows off his extremely fast speed, that's why he is also known as Maching Bird. The feature when pulling this character from the bird shot tool, it will fly forward at lightning speed.

The Blues: Jay, Jake and Jim, the trio of blue birds. The trio was born when Red saved the egg from the claws of Leonard and his minions. Therefore, the trio is very close to Red and accompanies him. When using the character The Blues, after pulling the bird from the bird shooter, 1 bird will emit into 3 identical birds moving forward.