Zombie Tsunami Online

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Zombie Tsunami Online summons zombies who are in chaos on earth. Zombies have invaded the Earth and war broke out but still can't stop their numbers. Navigate the Zombie horde to keep moving forward. Similar to Badland, this game has no end until the protagonist can't move forward.

Zombies landed on the Earth

The invasion of the Earth by the zombies and humans are trying to destroy them with war but can't completely destroy them. Since then, it has left a serious consequence, people are lost on the road, or stuck at public phone booths, taxis, tanks, ect. You represent Zombies to take in as many zombies and keep running forward.

Increase your own kind

You will transform into Zombie and move forward. Increase your numbers by transforming the people who are asking for help on the way to your kind. Continue to collect fellows until you reach a public phone booth, it requires you to have at least 2 zombies to be able to transform the human in the boot into an ally. So taxis need four zombies and tanks need at least seven people, ect. Lead your army of zombies to keep moving forward so as not to be destroyed.

Obstacles to avoid

In your never-ending running journey, you will encounter a lot of obstacles like taxis trying to crash into you, helicopters flying in the opposite direction of your going, bombs, ect. You need to lead your team to jump up, avoid hitting obstacles that reduce your army. In addition, you also need to avoid vehicles that need you to unlock to turn humans into your fellow humans while your army does not have enough numbers. If you don't jump in time and move forward, you can be swallowed up by the wall behind you and game over.

Unlock features in the shop

In the process of doing the challenge, keep running forward, you also need to collect gold coins. The coins are valuable in buying Specials, Power ups and Hats. These items make your journey richer and fresher, and at the same time, they help you maintain even more.