Yummy Way

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Description of Yummy Way

In Yummy Way, help the whale collect shapes in the ocean. Select a shape and along the way collect only that shape. Avoid collecting the wrong shape and sea urchin.

Move the blue elephant to collect shapes like triangles, stars. These shapes have many shades that you can collect. However, at first you choose which shape you have to collect to the same shape. For example, when you collect a yellow triangle, you can only collect those yellow triangles afterwards to increase your score. Just accidentally collecting another shape will make your previous work useless. If you accidentally collect the wrong image, you must again collect the correct image that you have collected most recently. Collecting shapes of the same color makes your score increase exponentially.

Besides, you also have to avoid the thorny sea urchins. One touch is game over. The journey will not end when you encounter a sea urchin. Therefore, you must make your efforts more meaningful. Maintain for a long time, your score will increase higher and higher. Put your name on the list of people with the highest score.

How to control

Click on the top center of the screen to move the blue elephant upwards. Click on the bottom center of the screen to move down.