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Whooo? challenges you to guess the character your opponent is holding. Use your thinking to choose the positions your opponents have to quickly win.

Guess which character the opponent is holding

You and your opponent hold a random character from all the characters in the character table. In that table there are many characters with different characteristics but share a few common characteristics. You and your opponent must guess which character the other person is holding to become the winner. You and your opponent take turns asking each other until all characters with other characteristics are eliminated.

You and your opponent must either admit or deny the trait your character holds. You are only allowed to refuse the feature that your opponent guesses incorrectly. If your opponent guesses correctly but you refuse, you will not be rewarded.

Choose one of the four characteristics you want to guess, however, if you want to win quickly, you need to think carefully and choose the characteristic that the opponent character is holding.

The AI that eliminates the most characters is the one with the upper hand and wins. It is important that you make the right choice when the four questions suggest to you.

Tip to gain the upper hand in guessing

Unlike Pengu Slide, which can be tried in many ways, this game focuses on observation. Look at what your character is holding and use those characteristics to ask your opponent. Instead of asking for an unsubstantiated characteristic, analyze the characteristics that the other person can predict. Some features linked together will help you predict.