What A Leg

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The white girl with blonde hair needs you to draw her legs to get to the finish line!

What A Leg is a game about the race of legs. Draw a line to show the girl's legs. Help her with her legs compete with other opponents and finish first.

Image of a white girl with beautiful blonde hair but she has no legs. To be able to move to the finish line, you need to help her create legs and reach the finish line. Draw a line in the allowed box, that line will appear on the legs and start moving forward. However, just drawing is not enough, you need to draw the legs so that it can move and overcome all obstacles and obstacles. Draw the legs short or long depends on you but still make sure the girl has to go through the obstacles and reach the finish line. Also, remember to collect the gold coins along the way.

Game progress

You will get acquainted with the game in the first 3 levels, the game will teach you how to draw the right legs to be able to go through the obstacles easily. At level 4, you will compete with 4 more opponents and compete for the first place. Opponents have odd legs but can help them go through simple obstacles, you can also use it to press on your feet.