We Baby Bears: Veggie Village Quest

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We Baby Bears: Veggie Village Quest brings you and the bears to the village of Veggie. The village here is looking for a kingdom and let's help the grizzly bear achieve it.

We Baby Bears' Travel Tales

We Baby Bears is a new variation of Cartoon Network's popular animated TV series. In this version, three bears are on a journey to find their place. To make their wish come true, a box containing a star helps them find where they belong. After many times of traveling and not being able to find their own place, this time, they stopped at Veggie Village. Let's see what happens in this village.

Veggie Village is a village with people who are living plants. For years they have been searching for a king who can rule their country. And one of the legends about the next king was to pull out the sword stuck in the rock. Whoever draws the sword will be the next king of the village. The grizzly bear wants to become the king of this village, help him fulfill this wish.

Become the king of Veggie Village

Mission of each character

The grizzly bear is supposed to pull the sword out of the stone. The white bear is responsible for helping the grizzly bear and the panda move towards the throne chair and pull out the carrot. Panda follows to support the other two bears. You will in turn help the bears perform their tasks. The three complete the mission when all three stand on the throne chair. To withdraw what you need to do, press the Space key. To change the character, press X.

End of quests

To ascend to the throne is not an easy thing, the three bears need to go through many different challenges to prove themselves as the right person for the throne, with Veggie Village. But really the throne belongs to them. Explore all the challenges and find out who is the king of Veggie Village.