Unblock That

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Move red wooden block

Unblock That is a brain game with the task of getting the red block out of the maze of wooden blocks. Move the wooden blocks as little as possible to get three stars.

This is an intellectually challenging game. You will be taken to a maze of wooden blocks. There are many wooden blocks of the same shape but placed in different positions. There is a red wooden block placed on the left side of the screen and needs to be moved to get out of this maze portal. You need to create a path for the other wooden blocks to move to get the red block out of the maze.

Various challenges

In addition, you will experience through many levels of the game. The levels will challenge your intelligence and the difficulty will increase gradually after you pass many previous levels.

Get up to three stars

Try to go as little as possible to get three stars. The number of target moves will be displayed on the same screen. If you go the right number of moves according to the target, you will get three stars, if you go more than the target number of moves, you will get less stars.

Simple but attractive game

With a simple interface but it is not boring, on the contrary, this game is always the choice of many players compared to many other games. Initially, this game only developed for download but with its charm, now there are many online versions that you can play online.