Tom And Jerry Hidden Objects

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Tom And Jerry Hidden Objects helps Jerry find hidden objects in the picture. You will start with the easy mode, which is image search, then try the hard mode with the suggested words.

The inspiration of the find objects game

The image of tom and jerry is always in the minds of many people. This is also the childhood of many children when watching cartoons. To this day, programs and games related to tom and jerry always get a lot of attention from the audience.

Find the objects that you are looking for

There are many games inspired by the two main characters, Tom and Jerry. In this game, you need to find the items hidden in the photo. You will have one minute to find the required items. Find all of them in the allotted time to unlock new photos.

The pictures

There are three main images to find the widgets corresponding to each hint. The details will be revealed by pictures or words. You need to find the right item to finish finding an item. If you find it wrong, the time will be shortened by 10 seconds.

Game modes

You will be tested with two easy and difficult modes. With easy mode you will find items by pictures and with hard mode you will search using suggested words. In each retry, the items will be swapped and not the same as the previous turn's requirement.