Toca Boca Hidden Objects

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Toca Boca Hidden Objects helps you to recall all the Toca Boca characters. In this game, the Toca Boca characters are seen as dolls. Look for dolls hiding anywhere in the rooms of a house.

Meet the characters in Toca Boca

Toca Boca is an application game, building a world community of people living in Toca Boca. A human world will be recreated in the game with featured character images. You can adjust the character to your liking. What are some typical characters that you often meet in Toca Boca. Let's take a look at all the characters of Toca Boca that are recreated through this game.

Find hidden Toca Boca characters

The places where the characters are hiding

In the right corner of the screen is showing the character you need to find. The characters in this game are likened to dolls and are arranged in a room. It can be bedroom, living room, bathroom, ect, anywhere in the house and find out what dolls the game requires.

Here synthesizes a lot of characters that you have and can see in Toca Boca. Find them before time runs out. Remember that this game has a time limit, so you need to quickly find the right required character.

Space containing Toca Boca characters

The Toca Boca characters in this game will be dolls and are placed in different positions in each room. It can be living room, kitchen, bedroom, ect. And the characters are placed in different places in the room. Do you remember all the Toca Boca characters? This game will summarize for you all the Toca Boca characters you may know.