Thief Puzzle Online

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Thief Puzzle Online is a fun mind game about stickman whose super long and elastic arm takes the key to free himself from prison. Take the key skillfully so that the police and the dog do not detect.

Help stickman escape from jail

The stickman criminal has done wrong and is being held in jail. It is not clear what bad deeds he did, but one thing is certain that he is not content to be kept in the cell. And to get out of here, stickman needs the key to open the door to the outside world. And you need to help him fulfill that wish.

By using the extendable and retractable hand, help the stickman escape from the jail and get the key. However, to accomplish this goal, you also need to be careful not to let the police and the dog find out, or you will get in trouble.

Features of the game

Different situations

The situations that you need to perform are the level of the game. Here, you will experience 28 different challenges. The difficulty of the situations will be raised in order of the level, which means the difficulty level becomes more difficult when you are at a higher level. Situations will be choreographed with many difficult challenges for you to think about and solve.


In the store there are many unique and exotic gloves for you to choose from. One feature that you will find unlike other games is that these gloves do not require money, instead, just watching an ad can unlock all gloves.