The Game 13

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Merge same numbers

The Game 13 combines 2 squares with the same number to create a large number. 13 is the largest number. The game will stop when there are no more numbers to match.

You can merge two same numbers to create a bigger number. Just two identical numbers standing next to each other or touching four sides of the square horizontally or vertically can be combined. Start from number 1 and combine the numbers to create the number 13. There are not many people who create the number 13, the important thing is how you strategize your moves so you can still combine the numbers and find out the number 13.

Cick or click on cells that have many of the same numbers and they touch horizontally or vertically. Until there are no more numbers on the matrix that can be combined, the game ends.

Strategy for finding number 13

To create the number 13 is not difficult but not easy either. What you need is a strategy for using numbers so that they create larger numbers that touch each other. The difficulty of merging numbers is the new position of the combined number. You won't be able to predict where it will be after the merge. But after a few tries, you can know its standing pattern. Since it is possible to merge from two adjacent positions, the strategy must be appropriate to combine to the largest number.