The Dumb Test

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The Dumb Test collects stupid questions and their answers are also stupid. Answering in an unusual way will help you complete many challenges.

Find crazy answers

This game synthesizes many different questions. The game's title is enough to show the absurdity of this game. You will be able to see quite normal questions or sometimes find it unusual but it is nothing compared to how to answer the answer. You will see that the answer is in a silly position and you don't even understand the correct rule of that answer. Try playing a new way of playing different from the usual way of playing, it will definitely be very interesting.

The questions are chained and related, so it's important to remember them in the next series of questions. If you can't find the answer and don't want to choose the wrong one, use the help in the right corner of the screen, it will suggest you the answer to the question.

Only choose incorrectly three times

The questions will be one after another and you can only get it wrong up to three times. After three failures, you will have to play again from the beginning. Questions that you have previously solved have to be done again, which is quite time consuming once you have solved a certain number of questions. Therefore, think carefully before choosing the answer. Don't worry about wasting too much time finding the answer because the game doesn't count time so you can think freely. You can also ask for help from relatives and friends if you don't want to make the wrong choice.