The Boss Baby Backyard Racer

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The Boss Baby Backyard Racer takes you to experience Baby Boss's childhood. Join Boss Baby on a trip to collect food in the garden with his tiny car. Also, avoid obstacles that could cause injury.

The game is inspired by the movie of the same name Baby Boss. The film is produced by DreamWorks Animation and has been released since 2017. With the film's record revenue of $528 million, it has attracted the attention of children around the world. With lovely graphics and a unique storyline, it's easy to understand why the film is so attractive. You'll also notice a popular character from a popular animated series like Om Nom Connect.

Features to pay attention to

Collect foods

Along with Boss Baby, perform racing tasks in your own garden with the purpose of collecting food pieces. Pieces of sushi, cookies are waiting for you to collect. Make the jump to be able to eat the food from above. Double jump twice to jump higher if you intend to collect cookies. You only have 60 seconds to finish collecting food. Collect food as much as possible.

The obstacles need to avoid

In addition to collecting food items, be on the lookout for items on the ground that can injure your vehicle such as hoses, sand toys, and yard hoses because it reduces your movement speed. Limit touching them to collect more food.