Tap Tap Dunk

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Specifically about Tap Tap Dunk

Show off your throwing the ball into the basket skills in Tap Tap Dunk. Make lots of throws into the basket without slipping the ball out at all.

In the United States, basketball is a widely practiced sport. It even symbolizes one of America's priority sports. Sure, not a few people know how to play basketball. Therefore, show your basketball shooting skills in this game.

You can also practice your shooting skills in this game. Just click to make the ball bounce and move into the basket. Pay attention to the time taken to make a shot into the basket, it is located on the top of the screen. You have to put it in the basket before time runs out. Make many throws into the basket with all positions of the basket. The more times you get into the basket without missing a single pass, a flaming basketball will be created. The score also increases with the number of times you throw the ball in a row without missing a single time.

Make as many throws into the basket. Enjoy the dramatic and equally exciting game. Whether you have or don't know how to throw the ball, here, let's skip all the techniques, just focus on how to have fun.

How to move

Click to make the ball bounce and move.