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Swingo takes you into the world of lovable characters with flexible arms that are looking for ways to eat fruit. Move your character with the big stretchy hand to the fruit and eat it.

Use the golden hand to collect fruit

Let your character move to the tropical fruit. They cannot move normally on their feet. Instead, this character has a striking golden hand that can be flexibly stretched. Move with this hand, cling to the wall, creating thrust for the character to move. Quickly move to the fruit in the fastest time to quickly unlock new characters. The higher you go, the more obstacles you will encounter, use your wisdom to quickly reach the fruit.

Features of the game

7 Worlds need to complete

You will be challenged in 7 Worlds. A World is a different fruit like pineapple, durian, grape, banana, ect. For each World, you will do 10 small challenges to get to a higher level. Every 5 levels, you will unlock new characters, complete them to collect characters in your team.

Character unlock

There are tons of new characters that you need to unlock. Contrary to Badland, you will find the main character is a strange bird that you have never seen before. Then the characters in Swingo are inspired by the animal world such as frogs, crocodiles, ect. Every 5 levels you will unlock new characters. Collect characters from your team and choose them to take on challenges. Try to take on multiple challenges to unlock all characters. I bet you are curious about the mysterious characters too.

Way to move characters

Use the yellow hand to stick to the position you want by clicking, click and drag the mouse to move the character.