Super Sprint

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Super Sprint makes jumps to avoid obstacles. Our main character needs you to help him run forward without hitting obstacles. Score higher the further you run.

Run forward

You do not need to worry as our main character can automatically run forward without you having to control him. However, there is a major drawback that he can only run forward, but cannot automatically avoid obstacles. So need you to control when jumping when avoiding them.

A game that also needs to jump to do a task called Lazy Jumper. Help the lazy lady who wants to go to the pool but doesn't want to move by jumping.

Obstacles that you should know

Yellow blocks

It is shaped like a square block with four rods in the middle that make you think of a thorn ball. They are arranged alone or in a row. It can be on the ground or in the air.

TV screens

When you pass the TV screen, a purple light below will appear. You can only move in the green blocks in the air to avoid it. Missing the purple ray causes you to stop the game.

Green blocks

This is not an obstacle, it is a platform that helps you to stand on it without being affected. You can jump up when there are no obstacles around it to speed up your run.


The spring is also a non-obstacle, it will help you jump higher than if you jumped on your own. Springs help you jump on green blocks in the air or avoid a series of yellow blocks around it. However, springs are not always used. Especially when the springs are lined up right below the yellow block in the air. At this point you need to jump to avoid moving into the spring.