Subway Surfers New York

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The journey to discover the world of the street artist in Subway Surfers New York. This is one of the landmarks of the Subway Surfers chain. In this new landmark, discover the wonders of the landscape.

Ideas for Subway Surfers World Tour

New York is a very famous city all over the world. It is full of skyscrapers and is home to many fashion and financial centers. Cultures take on many different races from around the world. And the cuisine is very diverse because of the multiculturalism of this city. Street food here is also an interesting experience that you should not miss. You also catch the scene of New York at Venge.io That is one of the reasons for choosing Subway Surfers World Tour this time.

Start the journey to escape the guard


Still on the same mission, help the street artist who is making his mark on the roads to escape the siege of the difficult guard and his ferocious dog. Move crept into the roads full of obstacles. Move up and down with the roadblock; Climb on the sand trucks, avoid the train going against you, ect. Stay away from things that are holding you back. And try not to hit any obstacles because the old guard and his dog will quickly catch up to you.

The list of the highest score

The race is not only about staying away from the old guard, but also surviving as long as possible. Top 10 characters who have written their names here. Can you prove your ability to play with the score compared to the top 10 people with the highest score.