Strike Force Kitty League

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Strike Force Kitty League is a never-ending battle between the cat kingdom and the raccoon kingdom. The raccoon kingdom is intending to invade the cat kingdom, don't let them get that wish.

The war between the cat kingdom and the raccoon kingdom

In a friendly match between the two countries, the kingdoms of both decided to open a friendly war against each other. But the raccoon kingdom is much more cunning, they intend to use this friendly opportunity to observe the opposing team and find a way to capture territory. The army of the raccoon kingdom is very strong with high combat ability, so you, representing the cat kingdom, cannot be inferior to the opposing team.

Build an army of cat masters

Strength training

The first friendly fight brought the cat kingdom to shame when it was defeated by the raccoon's army. They did extremely strong damage, causing the cat army to be seriously injured. As a mentor to the cat army, help our cat warriors become stronger.

The cat warriors have been selected the best four but they do not have much combat skills, help them overcome this weakness, become stronger to defeat the soldiers of the raccoon kingdom.

Work to do

Eat to gain weight

Nourish yourself by eating a variety of high-nutrient foods, it works not only to help increase weight and increase training capacity to prepare for upcoming training sessions.

Exercise to increase health

After eating, let's start training by some exercises such as running, boxing, push-ups and lifting weights. Train until you become stronger. Pay attention to each warrior's health bar. There are three factors that are life, combat ability and speed. Training and strengthening their strength helps their power toolbar to be increased.

Prepare the costume

To increase the combat ability, you need to invest in the warriors with costumes that not only increase the aesthetics but also help the warriors' defenses be higher, thereby fighting with the warriors. Raccoon gets the upper hand.