Stack Builder Skyscraper

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Stack of houses in Stack Builder Skyscraper

Stack buildings into skyscrapers in Stack Builder Skyscraper. Let's stack the houses on top of each other so that there are as many floors as possible. The game stops when one of the houses falls down.

The work you need to do

Other with Badland, this is an entertaining game about stacking. Help the fishing rod holding the house and place them on the first floor of the building. Let's stack all the rooms together. A room is a floor, the number of floors you stack up will be your score. A room cannot stay in place but falls out of a building when the game is over.

Tips to stack many layers

To be able to stack many rooms into a skyscraper, not just drop the house down, have the right strategy to make your building solid. Try to bring the room in the armoring crane into the upper part of the room on the ground. The smaller the distance between the two differences, the more solid and solid the building, on the contrary, the distance between the two differences of the rooms that are far apart makes the building can fall at any time. Just one of the rooms falling out of the building will lose.

Features to help you stack many floors

Use the Aiming line so that you can join two rooms so that their space is not disparate and also make sure the buildings that are stowed down don't topple over. When these two lines match the sides of the room on the ground, immediately drop the room on the crane to stack more floors.

Use Slow down to move the crane more slowly. The crane swings so fast that you can't catch up and drop it down safely and securely. Using this feature helps you reshape and overlap rooms.