Spikes And Feathers

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Spikes And Feathers is a clicker game that sends a bird crashing into walls. You can only crash the sides of the wall and do not make the mistake of touching the spikes.

Crash into the wall

Bring your bird into the wall without hitting the spikes. You think you can reverse the position and control the bird to crash into a wall with no spikes. It is not possible because you cannot turn the bird upside down and can only move to hit the wall with spikes. Let's control the bird to crash into the position with the least spikes. If you do it successfully once, you will get one point. Repeat the action of crashing into the wall from left to right and vice versa. The game only ends when you hit the spikes. Notice that there are spikes above and below the screen. The spikes are lined up with no gaps so you can only hit the sides of the screen.

Collect gold coins

During the quest, gold coins will appear randomly in any location. Let's move collect coins and continue to perform the mission.

Unlock new characters

Use gold coins that you have earned before to exchange for other characters. If you are bored with your current character, change another character as long as you can afford it and continue playing.

How to control

This is a clicker game so move the character by mouse click. Click more will fly higher. Another game that moves the bird by click that you should try is called Badland.