Space Pest

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Space Pest asks you to destroy alien worms. Play as an astronaut, on a mission to destroy alien objects. Use your gun to destroy them. Destroy them in the least number of shots. You will also see a similar shooting game in Janissary Tower.

The meeting between the astronaut and the worms

Astronaut working on his science project. Suddenly aliens come from nowhere to attack you by bringing viruses from their people to other objects, causing them to lose their lives and you are no exception. Kill the worms that disturb your science project.

Destroy the worms

Use your gun to defeat the worms. You can shoot one at a time directly or create momentum to kill multiple animals at once with a single shot. This requires you to have the mindset to be able to do so. Later on, you need to use your thinking more, sometimes you don't have to shoot bullets to destroy the object to be shot.

Levels of the game

Before you start the game, you will see that there are three types of worms with three colors respectively red, blue, green representing the difficulty level of that level according to the levels of easy, medium and difficult. And in each worm there are 20 smaller levels. Complete the mission of each level to move to a higher level.

Tip to kill quickly

With some levels there are certain levels of play. Use a single shot when three worms stand side by side in a straight line. Or shoot at the iron frames, the closed barrel creates momentum for the bullet to shoot back and move to another path until it shoots down the object to be shot.