Space Escape

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Space Escape is a mind game that takes the astronaut back to his spaceship. Overcome many challenges and obstacles in the shortest time. Take on challenges in 30 levels.

How to play

Help the astronaut move back to his yacht. He and the spaceship were far away from each other. You need to move the character to the spaceship safely. There are many obstacles that prevent astronauts from returning to their vehicle. So need your help to get him to the spaceship safely.

Features in Space Escape


In each level, you will encounter some obstacles such as barriers, laser beams, ect. You need to move to the boxes of the same color as the barrier door to unlock the door, avoid going to the places where the laser passes if you don't want to be burned to death. There are also some other obstacles that need you to explore and find the solution.

Time for the challenge

Time to do a challenge in just 60 seconds. During this time, you need to quickly bring the character back to his car. The faster the task is completed, the number of stars received is three stars. The more time it takes to solve the puzzle, the more stars you will lose. If you haven't completed the task for 60 seconds, you will come back and play until you unlock a new level.

Levels in Space Escape

A total of 30 levels need to be solved. There are not too many challenges like other games such as Badland, but with 30 levels, it can make you confused when figuring out how to solve it.