Soldiers Combat

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Regarding Soldiers Combat

Join commando soldiers to break the bad guys' lair in Soldiers Combat. You have the task of collecting weapons from wooden crates and collecting all 3 keys to complete the challenge.

You play the role of a soldier and have a task to find the secret keys hidden in the lair of criminals. Go to their lair and take the challenge. You need to collect all 3 keys and wooden crates containing weapons that will help you. Shoot down the bad guys walking towards you, and quickly kill them before they harm your life. In addition, to collect the wooden crates, you need to jump up or use the gun to get the wooden crates down, when taking be careful not to fall off the screen.

Use the money to enter the store

Use the money completed missions to upgrade your weapons and characters in the shop. Those things make it easier for you to perform missions with superior features than your original character.

Levels in the game

There are a total of 8 levels and the levels have their own challenges and difficulties. Try to complete the task within the time allowed. The faster you complete the task, the greater the reward.

How to control

Use left/right arrows to move

Up arrow to jump up

Space key to shoot gun