Snake Land

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Snake Land helps your snake overcome challenges to become the longest snake. To achieve that goal, collect all the gold coins and avoid the obstacles.

Become the longest snake possible

The snake needs your help to collect gold coins. He does not know how to move left/right to actively perform the task, but can only go straight ahead. Help him navigate the places where there are gold coins. Be careful not to crash into obstacles or go too far from the land. After collecting all the gold coins, the obstacles will automatically disappear. Let's move to the other bridge to finish the mission. Once you have mastered this game, you can advance to Badland.

Increase the size of the snake

The size of the snake will be gradually increased as you take on more and more challenges. And every time you eat a coin, the snake size will increase by a part. The longer the snake, the slower its movement, you can move the snake to go faster.

No level replay

Try to make the right moves because you cannot replay the current level, you will start over from the beginning. You will find all your efforts in vain if you accidentally hit obstacles. This can be annoying and is not for the impatient if you have to stop the game by accident.

Collect gold coins

Move your snake according to the arrow keys. Watch out for the obstacles, collect all the gold coins and go to the other side of the bridge.