Snack Time

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Snack Time is an intellectual puzzle game. Help the wild boar move the acorns to its correct position. Arrange for all acorns to be placed in the preset positions.

Return the acorn to its rightful place

Arrange the acorns

The acorns are scattered everywhere and they need to be put in their rightful place. The places where the acorns need to be placed are also placed in a different position. The wild boar is very upset about this. So help him move these acorns back to their place. Push the acorns to the marked position. However, you will have to choose the right move so that all the acorns are in their place.

To complete a challenge, you need to move all the acorns into its place. A blue detour shows all the acorns in their place that you have placed correctly. Only when the acorns and their positions are both green can you move on to the next challenge.

How to kill the way

If you don't want some of the acorns to return to their place, move them to a dead corner so you can't move them to the correct position. At this point, you need to change the step and reposition the acorns.

Overcoming challenges

Challenges will become more difficult the more challenges you take on. You will have to strain your brain to find the right path to get the acorns to their rightful place. Not too challenging like many other games but definitely make you think and think about the right move.