Skateboard Challenge

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Skateboard Challenge practices your skateboarding skills. Become the best skater by performing jumps. Simultaneously collect gold and letters on the way.

Do skateboarding

Windsurfing is a harder sport than you think it's simply a hobby. But whether it's really easy or not, it's only known in this game. Help Jeff perform jumps and flips to show his level against his friends. Jumping over obstacles, jumping on the board, flipping boards is what you need to do in this game. When you are close to the finish line, perform a spectacular somersault.

Skateboarding is also considered a highly entertaining sport among young people. If you want to try a new subject, check out Impossible Car Stunt on our website.

Some information

Collect coins and letters

During the jump, follow where the gold coins are. That place is the safest place when you make jumps. Collect as much as possible. Besides, don't forget to collect the letters that make up the words SKATE and COMBO to successfully complete the assigned challenge.

Character unlock

Jeff is the main character of the game, if you want to unlock new characters, you can buy them with themoney you earn during the challenges. Emily and Mike are ready to compete just waiting for you to unlock them.