Shopping Business

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Shopping Business tells the journey of shopping business. The first is to put things on the shelves for customers to choose and pay. Use that money to scale up and put on some new shelves.

Act as a salesperson

Move items to the shelves

In order for the shopping business to become more developed, you need to do some work like stacking clothes from a clothes rack to a clothes rack. Up to 5 items can be retrieved at once. Some other counters after using the money earned to expand will also do the same thing. The storage counter will regenerate itself after you take away some items.

Go to the payment counter to receive money

After the customer is satisfied and decides to buy the products and take them from the clothes rack and go to the checkout, you need to go to the cashier to charge the customer. When you earn some money, expand a new counter to expand your business. And continue to grow its business from expanding the stalls.

Business expansion

Starting from the simplest thing is to put clothes on the clothes rack. After earning a certain amount of money, expand the business by opening more storage counters and the space opens up several counters with various items. The stalls are divided into many sections such as clothing, hats and some other products.